Great Question! Firstly, I hope that you're excited because I'm really excited that you're getting your groceries now!

I made a video for you showing you exactly how to find hard-to-find ingredients - not just for one recipe, but for EVERY recipe in our plant-based database (muhahaha)!

Here it is ready to watch:

Here's what you're going to need:

  • A Freedom Lifestyle Mastery Thrive Club Membership (login here)

Video Notes:


So, to answer the 1st question I got, "Is Jicama yam also known as something else (other than Jicama “yam”)? I can’t find it."

I only know it as “Jicama”, but let me show you how to find it regardless…

Jicama is something that I have only seen in stores like Whole Foods, a local/Asian/International grocery store, or even a Food Town (if that's in your area). It's like it's not like a Jamaican yam or sweet potato “yam” - it's completely different!

In the members area: 

  1. Go to the “Create-Along” green section, tap on Registration and Scroll down…
  2. Open that recipe Under “Materials” (or any other recipe in the database you want to find an ingredient for by clicking the "Recipe Database" green section instead) 
  3. Scroll all the way down on the recipe to the “Recipe Notes” at the bottom.

Under the “Healthy Recipe Substitutions” (inside "Recipe Notes" section of Recipe), you’ll see that you can also use cucumber or celery if you can't find Jicama (I got it through Amazon Fresh, but it expired by the time I needed it. So, I'm just using cucumber to save some time now)…

Heart of Palm

As for the heart of palm this is definitely a must-have in my opinion (you don’t want to swap this one out – trust me). If you're in a grocery store, it will be in the same section as jarred/canned artichokes.

You'll see some "Recommended Brands" and direct links to hard-to-find products!

You can get any ingredients delivered to you delivered using these links (open them up another tab). Pick your favorite one that’s available and it should arrive to you within two hours!

Online Grocery Shopping Pro-Tip:

If you're curious about ingredients or nutritional facts of any product, you can always just click on the picture to zoom in and read the labels (this saves me from wasting money on stuff I don’t need or things that have crappy ingredients).

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to Ufulu Child Support via email to get a timely response (if you’re in the Thrive Club, you’ll even get to skip the line).